We pride ourselves with having long-term, positive business relationships with many happy clients in all across Ontario. Our clients know and trust our honesty and zeal in providing state of the art protection. Our highly-trained security guards are held to strict regulatory standards verified by our senior members of staff using documented quality procedures.

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Our Security Services

Our personnel provide a visible presence and a broad range of skills. Guards are employed on a permanent or casual basis, engaged in accordance with the client’s requirements and fully trained pre-assignment, in line with legislative requirements.

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Security Training

Maple Protection Services provides Security Guard Services. The majority of our staff are trained by Ontario Security Training Inc., our preferred training provider. As a Registered Training Organisation, O.S.T. offers a range of nationally recognised security courses.

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Concierge Security

Maple Protection Services concierge guards do control access into and out of the building and common areas. We provide personnel monitor site security systems, building management systems and closed circuit television systems (CCTV).

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Retail Security

Maple Protection Services retail security guard primary concern is to protect the safety and well being of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent financial damage caused by shoplifting, robbery, or similar dangers.

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Construction Security

Maple Protection Services construction security guards are responsible for opening and unlocking of construction site, as well as meeting and greeting visitors and staff, ensuring that the correct signing procedures are maintained.

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Mobile Patrol

Maple Protection Services offers mobile patrol services. The Maple Protection Services Mobile Patrol Unit (MPU) is dedicated to investigating any unauthorized activities and inspecting the security of all door on your property.

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Event Security

Maple Protection Services provides a reliable Security Guard service for your next event. Event Security Guards protect the premises during an event, parking management, access control, first aid when necessary.

The Maple Protection Advantages

As one of Ontario's leading security companies, Maple Protection Services has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation's highest profile sites. We value the diverse range of our clients - from major national accounts to smaller local contracts. Our clients benefit from our customer-focused, personalized service with measured results.


We take the time to thoroughly analyze the security challenges you are facing and help you develop and integrate a customized protection program to address your situation, needs and budget.


We install top of the line CCTV and state of the art Access Control systems to monitor each and every activity in your business area


Our high-profile security guards are trained to handle the most challenging situations and threats to your security. Our guards are well equipped to protect high-risk environments.


Our clients can rest at ease knowing that our team provides security solutions round the clock. Our operations managers and customer service staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hitesh Bhandari

"My experience with the instructor Rabie was Amazing. A very progressional security company in the area."

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Lindsay Do

“Rabi is an amazing instructor super professional and extremely knowledgeable and helpful with questions. Highly Recommend for any training course you need.”

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Kristie Revell

“I attended the Standard First Aid and CPR/AED certification training. The instructor Rabie was very knowledgeable, helpful and an all around great teacher! Highly recommended.”

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Diana Kadar

“Good place. Great instructor. Rabi is very experienced and has good knowledge.”

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