Site Inspection

Maple Protection Services offers mobile patrol services. Mobile patrol services will inspect the property for security or maintenance issues to prevent loss and deter crimes. The Mobile vehicle is equipped with communication, traffic control, recording, and first aid devices to help immediately respond to any incident.

The Maple Protection Services Mobile Patrol Unit (MPU) is dedicated to investigating any unauthorized activities and inspecting the security of all door on your property. Customers will receive a daily report on mobile patrol activities and any pictures of incidents by our automated email report system.

Alarm Response

Maple Protection Services rapid alarm response team is a highly trained unit that can respond to any alarm together with emergency services. Maple Protection Services understands the need to feel that we can be there for you when you need us to be within a short period of time.

Our Rapid Alarm Response Security Service provides our clients with peace of mind that their property and individuals are only minutes away from a fully trained and professional response team. This unit is designed to focus on responding to alarms and managing emergency situations. This unit will automatically be dispatched to a location when an alarm is triggered. The alarms can be triggered by a water sensor, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detector or intrusion alarm.